Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is growing in popularity as an affordable and durable flooring option. It’s available in a wide selection of colors and styles that imitate natural flooring materials. You can have the beauty of hardwood floors at a fraction of the price! But once your new LVT floor is installed, how to you maintain it? Proper maintenance is key if you want to keep your floors looking new, and avoid any costly repairs. Here are our 5 tips for maintaining your Luxury Vinyl Tile floors.

  1. Use Luxury Vinyl Cleaner
    Using the correct products is essential. Harsh cleaners can strip the vinyl of its protective coating and dull the color. Avoid cleaners with ammonia, abrasive compounds or detergents. Specially-made vinyl floor cleaners will do the job and keep your floors lasting longer.Pro tip: use a gentle cloth and a gentle hand on your floors, too. LVT doesn’t require heavy scrubbing and using an abrasive brush will scratch the floors.
  2. Wipe up water, quick!
    Using too much water during cleaning, or not cleaning up a big spill, can allow the liquid to seep through the tiny grooves in the flooring and may affect the adhesive underneath. Clean with a damp cloth, not a soaking mop, and wipe up any spills quickly. Allowing spills to sit can stain the floor, and make it harder for you to clean up once it’s dry.
  3. Sweep up the dirt
    Sweeping up dirt every few days is easy when you keep it up. Allowing the dirt to sit not only makes your floors look dirty, it can prematurely age your floors. Dirt and foot traffic can add micro-scratches to the floors and make them susceptible to further damage. You can also vacuum the floors, but be sure to remove the “beater bar” as it can damage (scratch) the surface of your vinyl.Pro tip: place a doormat at the entrance of your home. A simple doormat captures much of the dirt and chemicals that people’s feet bring into your home. We recommend a coarse, outdoor mat outside of the house and a soft, fluffy, dirt-grabbing one just inside the entrance.
  4. Protect your floors from furniture
    Moving furniture over your LVT floors can also scratch the floors. For your chairs, invest in some furniture feet protectors – small felt stickers that act as cushions between your floor and the contact points on your furniture. For larger, heavier furniture, look into using some vinyl coasters, which can prevent long-term indentations in your vinyl flooring.If you’re redecorating or moving lots of furniture around, consider putting cardboard, a plywood panel or a rug under the furniture. Try to lift it more than drag or push it.
  5. Avoid too much sun
    Modern vinyl floors are very resilient, but years of sun and UV exposure can take its toll, especially on older floors. Get in the habit of drawing your blinds or curtains when you’re not at home. If there is an area that is particularly exposed, consider using a stylish area rug to protect the floor underneath.

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