Been meaning to replace those cracked kitchen tiles? Carpets looking worn and stained? Family coming in for the holidays? Floor Coverings International can help – by matching you to the perfect floor for your home. Contact us before December 1st to have new floors before Christmas!  Browse our wide variety of selections online or schedule a free design consultation with a flooring expert. We have lots of great options to meet your specifications: from colors and textures, to cost-conscious, eco-friendly and event stain-resistant or waterproof options. We have something for every decorating style, including carpet, hardwood, rubber, stone or wallet-friendly look-alike options. Here are some of our most popular flooring options to choose from!

Laminate Flooring: Versatile Durability

laminate flooring in ColumbiaLaminate floors can be used in any part of the house and are a great affordable option that can suit any style. Laminates can mimic the polished finish of wood, stone or tile, giving you the look you want at a fraction of the cost. Laminate floors are easily cleaned and maintained, making them easier to care for and replace than their natural counterparts. This flooring option is also more durable than others, not showing the obvious dings, divots and discoloration created by high traffic areas. Laminate floors are made to be flexible, making them gentle on your feet more so than other options. Choose laminate floors for a low-budget, low-maintenance option that still brings a stylish look to your space.

Hardwood Flooring: Traditional Elegance

hardwood flooring in ColumbiaHardwood floors are historically one of the top choices for flooring options by home owners, contractors and remodelers. Wood comes in a wide range of colors and designs. This variety, enhanced by dies, cuts and layouts, bring a unique quality to your rooms, making them inviting and interesting as well as durable and dependable. The feel of true hardwood floors brings warmth and beauty to any space while adding lasting value to your home. Wood goes well with many different styles and color schemes, allowing you to change the room without changing your floors. Hardwood floors are also resistant to dust, pollen and other allergens and can be easily cleaned to maintain often used spaces. If you want the ageless beauty that only nature can offer, choose hardwood floors for your dining room, living room, bedroom or kitchen.

Vinyl Flooring: Stain-Resistant Comfort

vinyl flooring in ColumbiaVinyl is quickly growing as one of our most popular flooring options used in residences and commercial venues. Vinyl is available in an assortment of colors, textures and styles to match any color scheme. Durable and comfortable, feel the vinyl floor support you as you stand or walk. The springy elasticity of these floors is make vinyl options perfect for kitchens, where feet fatigue is a common occurrence. Vinyl floors are also stain and spill resistant, making it easy to clean and maintain as well as a great options for any room in your home. This flooring solution is affordable, versatile and comfortable, a good choice for home-owners with kids, pets and busy lives.

Get your house dressed to impress this Christmas! Start that remodeling project you’ve been meaning to do. Update your rooms! Replace stained and wore out floors or brighten up a dark room with a splash of color. Contact us by December 1st to have them done before the holidays. Floors can take 2-3 weeks to install – from initial consultation, ordering of materials, installation, and clean up, so schedule a free consultation today! Call us at 803-661-8567 or visit Floor Coverings International, let us help you find the best looking floors for the best prices.