Floor Coverings International Columbia is proud to continue our Blogger Influencer Interview Series, presenting a wide array of talented bloggers across the web. Our latest interview features Beauty, Marketing, and Motherhood blogger Erica Johnson. You can follow Erica on Twitter, Instagram, Etsy, and Pinterest.

erica ravon

Please tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a marketer turned designer.  I enjoyed designing websites more than reporting how many we sold.

What’s one type of flooring you use in your children’s room and why?

In her room she has carpet, but in our next home she may have wood floors.  Carpet is what is in my mom’s home, but our next home may have wood floors. Wood Floors would be easier to keep clean and be good for my allergies too.

Why did you decide to start a blog? What do you enjoy about blogging?

I decided to start a blog when I finished college just as a way to keep a record of every day events.  Now I blog about Beauty, Marketing and Motherhood to share info with other busy parents like myself.

mommyandbella.com – Mommy Blog

epartnersmarketing.com – Marketing/Business Blog

blackgirlish.com – Beauty Blog

Where do you find most of your inspiration?

I found most of my design inspiration from Fashion and Interior Design.  For the blog, I get inspiration from everywhere.  Whenever I feel like writing more than 140 characters I blog about it.

Can you explain a recent project you’ve been working on?

Current project I’ve been working on are social media branding and youtube art that I feature in my Etsy shop, etsy.epartnersstudio.com. Take a look at some examples below.

Erica Ravon

Erica Ravon