Floor Coverings International is famous for our flooring (duh!), but did you know we do more than just floors? Because we source, design, and install tiles, our services expand to doing bathroom remodels and kitchens. Our tiles are the same (or better) than what you’d find at your local big box store or bathroom specialist, and many times, we’re competitive on price. Don’t believe us? See for yourself below.

Tile for Bathrooms

Tile is a versatile material, great for flooring but also for showers, baths, and back-splashes. It’s common to purchase a home with a bathroom insert – an all-in-one acrylic unit used for a shower/tub combination. These acrylic units are easy for the construction crew to insert, but they tend to lack style and uniqueness. Beyond looks, acrylic inserts are renowned for scratching easily and cracking. A cracked acrylic insert means replacing your entire bathtub and shower, an expensive endeavor.

If you’re done looking at that grimy bathtub and shower, consider tiles from Floor Coverings International for your bathroom remodel. Our tile selection includes porcelain, ceramic, glass, mosaic, and natural stone with a huge variety of colors and sizes. Interested in seeing our selection of tiles? Schedule an in-home consultation and we’ll bring everything to you!

Floor Coverings International uses stain resistant grout for easy maintenance, and we can even customize the color to match your design. Check out this bathroom designed and installed by Floor Coverings International Columbia West.

Kitchen Tiles

The kitchen truly is the heart of the home, and the reality is that we end up spending more time in the kitchen than just about any other room in the house. Does your kitchen need a face lift? Unique tiles from Floor Coverings International Columbia West should be an integral part of your kitchen remodel. From back-splashes to floors, our wide selection of tiles will meet your every need in terms of style, colors, and budget. Check out this beautiful back-splash by Floor Coverings International Columbia West.

Ready to Get Started?

Floor Coverings International Columbia West is ready to start planning your bathroom or kitchen remodel in Irmo, West Columbia, or Lexington, SC. We bring our selection of tiles to you so that you can see how they’ll look in your home. Set up your free, no obligation, in-home consultation by calling 803-661-8567 or completing our contact form. We look forward to creating the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams!