The sun is coming out, time to open the windows and let the sun shine in…. oh is that dust? It’s the time of year for spring cleaning. Do you wish your house was easier to clean? Your choice of flooring can make a big difference, and it can look great, too! Here are our recommendations for the easiest floors to clean and maintain, while making your house look great.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is the number one recommended flooring material when it comes to ease of cleaning (either classic vinyl or luxury vinyl plank). Day to day treatment is simple, wiping up spills and small messes. Vinyl is water resistant and does not rip or wear easily. It can withstand spills, drops, and scrubbing and still last for years to come. If you are in a room with high water content, such as the kitchen or bathroom, it is best to have as few seams as possible. Vinyl sheeting is a great option for this. Too much water can seep under edges, causing curled edges and warped floors, leading to breakage or the need to replace. But when cared for properly, vinyl is a long lasting, attractive flooring that won’t stress you out while spring cleaning. Sweep the floor with a broom and then mop. Experts recommend a cleaning mix of vinegar, dish soap and warm water to be mopped across the floor. A bucket is not necessary. Use a spray bottle for a light misting. It’s best not to leave standing water on any floor long-term.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring may look like hardwood but it cleans almost as easily as vinyl. Laminate does have some wood elements and typically comes in smaller sections, giving it more seams to contend with. These mean it is more susceptible to water and needs to have spills cleaned up faster than vinyl. But it is still an excellent choice, and who says beauty has to be difficult? Unlike its natural counterpart, laminate does not have to be polished. They are created to look polished already and a natural cleaning should return them to their intended shine. Sweep or vacuum your floor (be sure you use a tile or hardwood setting, not carpet). Be sure and go with the grain of the flooring and don’t be rough, you risk scratching the finish with rough bristles. Then use the same cleaning technique suggested for vinyl, again using water sparingly and being wary of leaving puddles.

Tile Flooring

Ceramic and stone tiles can have the look and feel you want in your home and are still easy to clean. They also can come in darker colors and designs, making it harder to spot dirt when you haven’t had enough time to clean. Tile is naturally stain resistant, meaning you don’t have to immediately clean up a spill. Stone is a little more porous than other tile materials but can still easily be wiped clean with soap and water. Tile flooring usually comes in squares surrounded by grout. Grout easily attracts dirt and grime, with debris being caught in these tiny crevices. Ask us about stain resistant grout options, so deep cleaning will be less of an issue. For difficult grout stains, mix baking soda with water and apply to problem spots with a tooth brush.

Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum is naturally resistant to both stains and bacteria. This material is beautiful and easy to wipe down to that smooth and shiny classic look. It is not quite as durable as vinyl and laminate floors, so it needs a little more care when cleaning. Avoid harsh cleansers and rough scrubbing. Linoleum can have the same issues with grout as tile, so choose wisely! Mix up a spray bottle of a few drops of dish soap and hot water, just spray and mop it up! The floor should air-dry almost immediately. As with the other flooring options, do not soak the floor or leave standing water.

Don’t break your back trying to keep your floors clean. Give your home a fresh new look for spring and find floors that are as easy to clean as they are beautiful. Talk to the professionals at Floor Coverings International for advice on the best flooring options for your home. Call to schedule an appointment with a flooring expert today at 803-661-8567.