Berber style carpet is a soft and durable flooring option offered here at Floor Coverings International Columbia. Homeowners in the West Columbia area find berber carpet to be a wonderful addition to many interior spaces, from the bedroom to the rec room. Keep reading to learn more about berber carpet for your West Columbia home.

Berber Defined

The term berber used to refer to any light colored carpet that had darker flecks of brown or gray. This color scheme was typical ofBerber carpeting in West Columbia woven goods produced by the Berber tribes of Northern Africa. Over time, the “berber fleck” became strongly linked to the looped style of carpet. As looped carpet became more popular, manufacturers began to produce it in a wider range of colors and styles. These days, the term berber is used to describe any style of looped carpet, regardless of color.

Benefits of Berber

Berber is a durable, stain resistant, and cost-effective choice that is sure to meet your home carpeting needs. Berber carpet is available at many price-points, but in general, it’s a cost-savvy choice. High-quality berber carpet is often more durable than other styles with comparable quality levels because the looping holds it’s shape very well.

Colored Berber Carpeting in Columbia WestIn general, berber carpets are less expensive than other styles of carpet because of the technique used to produce it. All carpets start as looped carpets, and while most styles have these loops trimmed off, berber is ready as-is. Having one less step during production decreases the overall cost of berber carpets.

Berber’s unique looped style also increases its stain resistance. If you spill something on a berber carpet, it will sit on top of the carpet’s loops before soaking in. Catch the spill early enough, and the cleanup will be a breeze. Traditional berbers with the “berber fleck” have the added benefit of hiding staining with their multi-colored appearance.

Some Considerations

Homeowners sometimes ask if a looped berber carpet is susceptible to snagging. In general, the answer is no. While it is possible toBerber Carpet Living Room in Columbia West snag a berber, the force required to snap one of the loops is considerable. Children or pets playing are unlikely to cause snagging, but dragging a very heavy piece of furniture across a berber carpet might cause a snag.

To set your mind at ease, opt for a higher quality berber carpet within your price range. As with any carpet, the material is just as important as the construction when it comes to durability. The same goes for softness: choose a softer, high-end berber for your living room and consider a more functional berber for your basement.

At Floor Coverings International Columbia we are happy to help you pick the perfect berber for your West Columbia home. Call us today and schedule your free, in-home design consultation.

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