Good news! Homeowners in West Columbia, Lexington & Irmo SC have more carpeting options at their disposal than ever before. And our experts at Floor Coverings International Columbia are available to consult and install whatever carpet fits your home’s need. To get you started, we’ve outlined some carpet benefits. Here are the ones our customers find most applicable.


carpet variety

Carpet is insulating. It holds warmth better than other flooring types. Carpet can also insulate against extreme heat. This can be more comfortable for many homeowners and can save big money on energy bills.

Carpet is comfortable. Do you walk around barefoot a lot? Carpet just feels better to the touch than most other surfaces.

Carpet is safer. This is a key point if you have children or elderly people in the home. A carpet floor is less slippery than others. If someone does trip or fall, carpet will help soften the blow.

Carpet helps cut down on noise. Many apartment complexes use carpet for their upstairs unit to offer noise reduction to the underneath neighbors. If you have an active household, carpet may be a great option for upper level rooms.

Carpet is easy to maintain. It just requires a good vacuum run from time to time. Carpet can also hide stains and damage better than most hardwood surfaces. Certain types of carpet, like Berber carpet, hide stains exceptionally well.

Carpet can be stylish and different.  Ever felt like spicing up a bedroom to add some variety to your house? Carpet is available in a massive variety or colors and styles.   There’s something for every taste.

Carpet can save you money. The cost of installing carpet is often much less expensive than hardwood floors. In addition, the cost of carpet materials can meet any budget.

Just getting your feet wet (or dry) on your carpet research? Our experts at Floor Coverings International Columbia are eager to answer your questions, so give us a call today! We also offer free, in-home estimates from our mobile showrooms. We proudly serve the West Columbia, Lexington & Irmo SC areas.

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