There is a huge variety of hardwood flooring for homeowners in the West Columbia, Lexington & Irmo SC areas. From hickory hardwood and pine wood to maple hardwood and more, there is something for everyone searching for that perfect hardwood floor.

columbia birch hardwood floor

In this article, we will focus on another popular hardwood variety: birch hardwood. Our experts at Floor Coverings International Columbia take a closer look at some common features of this popular hardwood surface.


Birch trees have been around for millions of years and grow primarily in the northern hemisphere – in Asia, Europe, and North America. Birch trees typically grow two to three times faster than many venerable species, like oak, and thus are faster to replenish. This swift renewal of birch growth makes birch hardwood more environmentally friendly than many other types of hardwoods. Also, it’s likely that your birch hardwood will be grown, harvested, treated, and shipped all right here in North America. So when you order a birch hardwood floor from Floor Coverings International Columbia, you’re supporting the North American economy!


Birch hardwood flooring comes in three major categories: paper birch, yellow birch, and sweet birch. Paper birch is the softest type of birch flooring and perhaps the most comfortable. Yellow birch is in the middle of birch hardness and sweet birch is the hardest. See more about wood species hardness on the Janka hardness scale. Birch is known for having a lighter colored sapwood and a darker hardwood – and when the two are combined, they create a stunning combination of light and dark woods. Browse our product gallery and click on “birch” for some more examples.


One of the more unique features of birch hardwood is that it has tight grain patterns, adding unique character, but also making it easier to sand and refinish. Homeowners who like to change the look of their floor from time to time will enjoy this underrated feature of birch hardwood floors.


Birch flooring is a wonderful flooring surface for homeowners in the West Columbia, Lexington & Irmo SC areas. If you call the number below, our experts can further guide you on selecting the perfect hardwood floor for your home. And don’t miss out on our offer for a free in-home estimate and design consultation!


Photo Credit: Rob Marmion