Homeowners searching for hardwood flooring in West Columbia, Lexington & Irmo SC are usually seeking both style and substance. People want their new hardwood floors to last a long time and also provide instant beauty to their homes. As it turns out, hickory hardwood flooring has an incredible combination of durability and aesthetic appeal. Our experts at Floor Coverings International Columbia dig deeper into the characteristics of hickory hardwood flooring.

Hickory hardwood flooring


Hickory hardwood comes from the hickory tree, which is found on two continents, North America and Asia. Two main groupings of hickory flooring in North America are used for commercial purposes: pecan hickory and true hickory.

Pecan hickory trees are notable for producing the widespread pecan nut. Pecan trees grow in south central North America, including Oklahoma, Texas, and Mexico.

True hickory trees are found in the eastern United States and Canada. True hickory trees are slower to grow than pecan hickory trees and thus produce smaller, tighter rings. The tighter ring composition makes true hickory the strongest and densest tree in North America used for commercial purposes.


Hickory’s amazing density makes it a great fit not only for flooring, but also for other items noted for strength. Hockey sticks, golf clubs, tool handles, drumsticks, and wood burning stoves are all made with hickory. Hickory has a very lofty rating of 1820 on the Janka hardness scale, meaning it’s among the hardest hardwoods available to consumers. Hickory hardwood flooring is perfect for homes with children and pets.


Hickory hardwood floors come in a wide range of tones – everything from dark brown to almost white is available. Also, hickory hardwood floors can look picture-perfect in homes with a rustic theme. That’s because not one hickory hardwood plank is alike due to its unique wood grain composition.

Hickory hardwood floors are highly difficult to cut, sand and install, so we recommend you call our experts at Floor Coverings International Columbia for all your flooring needs. Just call the number below for a free in-home consultation!

Photo Credit: Eponaleah