Bedroom maple hardwood flooringMaple hardwood flooring is known for its winning combination of beauty and durability. As our experts at Floor Coverings International Columbia will tell you, maple is ideal for those wanting a lighter-toned wood floor. Plus, it’s a great option for West Columbia area homeowners looking for a durable option for their living room flooring.

3 Reasons to Choose Maple Wood Flooring For Your Living Room

  • Beauty – Maple is a great choice for living room floors.  In its natural, unstained state, maple is a light tan color. However, it is also available in a variety of stains, including warmer and darker hues. Because of this variety, maple flooring can pair with just about any kind of furniture. If you’re unsure what color of maple is right for you, let our experts show you the range of options and help decide what’s best for your home.
  • Durability – With maple flooring in your living room, you can relax knowing that your floors won’t dent and ding every time you move a piece of furniture or drop a heavy object on the floor. If you have kids, pets, or just want a floor that will stand up to lots of activity, maple is a great choice. It rates at 1450 on the Janka hardness scale, which ranks it as a harder surface than cherry, oak, and walnut. That’s why you’ll often see maple flooring used in dance studios or school gymnasiums. One thing to note is that in very humid climates, it is possible for maple planks to bend and warp. To avoid this, make sure your floors are professionally installed and sealed. Or you can choose engineered maple rather than solid wood.
  • Affordability – Maple, particularly the unstained variety, is an affordable option for most homeowners. And considering its durability, it offers a great value for beautiful wood floors that will last a long time. This is particularly important for homes with large living rooms, because the larger the square footage, the higher cost to your wallet.

Ready to find the right maple wood flooring for your living room in the West Columbia, Lexington & Irmo SC area? Give Floor Coverings International Columbia a call! We’ll come to you with samples of all our product offerings and provide you with a free in-home estimate.

Photo Credit: Artazum